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Hello! My name is Cindy and I am an Intuitive Energy Practitioner, intuitive channel, medium and certified Reiki Master Practitioner. My goal is to help you delve into and connect to your spirit for healing, release and transformation. I would love to help you find connection to your energetic being using intuitively guided methods and techniques. Sessions are offered in person as well as by distance. I am excited to be a part of your journey!



Image by Colin + Meg


Abstract Glow

We are all broken.
That's how the light gets in.

Ernest Hemingway


Cindy’s wealth of knowledge, along with her experiences and wisdom allow her to tap into various realms enabling immediate shifts in perspective and tangible results for her clients.  She is able to guide, redirect and hold space in order for others to heal. The ease, elegance and even her sense of humor sprinkled in adds to the joy of spending time and space with her.  Thanks for shining your light, owning your power and sharing your gifts. 

Kate K.

I instantly noticed a connection with Cindy when she began her energy work on me. She was able to tap in to information that she would not have previously known ie. car accident, head injuries, sinus issues. I noticed that the energy was vibrating through me. I left the session feeling more balanced and grounded. I felt the effects of the energy balance for several days. I experienced deep healing. It settled out and I definitely noticed I felt clearer and could breathe easier. I highly recommend Cindy to persons looking to try a new experience in healing.

It’s a gift. 

Debra G. 

I've worked with Cindy for awhile now. It's such a pleasure to work with such a gifted woman. I appreciate her diligence in administering reiki and relaying intuitive messages with great skill. I am especially fond of the strong visuals she delivers and clear messages from my energy field. It's a gift to know her. Thanks so much for your time and effort! Much love!

Martina W.

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